Reflecting on life

Reflecting on life

As i was walking through a park today, I witnessed a situation which happened to me many years ago when I was a little boy.

This time around I saw another boy go through the same experience, but as a bystander, quite observer from the side.

Life goes in circles after all

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Quote of the day, April 26

If it’s not this, it’ll be something else

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Future oriented…

Very interesting. I had never thought of it this way.

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Typical night out

A few days ago my wife and I managed to go out on a weeknight to a nice restaurant in town, which is a rare occasion for us over work and kids and all.

We sat across from another couple a few years yonger. They sat there quietly, both deeply immersed in their respective mobile devices. I think the girl kept flicking her fingers across the screen of her phone, while her companion was deep in thought over something he was looking at on his ipad.

Is this what night out have become? Are we wierd in that way, trying to escape the busy life to enjoy the company of each other over a good meal and a conversation, spiced up by a glass of wine?

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Computer heads

Computer heads

Are we completely hooked on technology?

New day, new post

Sharing a great tool for all the creative folks. Instagram your photos in Photoshop with these simple action packs from fellow blogger Daniel Box. Read more and download here

Monetizing with Mersimo

Going forward, I want to try and use Mersimo to collect appreciations for the stuff I write here. Look for a button below the post that says Mersi (that’s french for Thank you).

This is more of an experiment on my part, but I would like to see how much what I do is relevant. Also, I don’t want to sign up for AdSense and clutter my page with annoying ads, so for me Mersimo is an elegant solution to have the best of both worlds – keep page neat and tidy and collect a few dollars for my writing.

I will post more on my experience using the service, as it’s still a startup in early beta. Idea seems pretty simple and straight forward though.

Parking in SF

This past August a friend visiting from Europe was staying with me for a week. He rented a car to move around the Bay Area, as he had meetings on campus at Stanford. One thing he had asked me is “Why is parking so expensive in SF”? and “How come pricing differs so much from lot to lot”? That’s actually a valid question.

I’ve compared pricing with and found that pricing may vary quite a bit on adjacent parking lots.

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